Christian Decals

When you think about evangelism, car decals usually aren’t the first thing to come to mind. But the incredible truth is that God can work in the strangest of ways to reach someone for His glory.

Having Christian decals on your car may be a small action for you, but to the passing bystander, it can make all the difference.

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19.) So how can you accomplish just that using Christian decals?

Let’s just say you put a decal on your car that writes out the ever-famous John 3:16 in bold, white letters.

You drive out to the local gas station. On the side of the road, there’s a homeless woman who wanders over. The decal just happened to catch her eye at the right time. She reads the verse and begins to cry. She hasn’t been loved and cared for in years, and she just can’t believe that the God of the universe would send His Son down to die for someone like her.

You talk and pray with her, and soon she gives her life to Christ.

God just used your decal to win a soul for His Kingdom.

Keep in mind that this won’t be the result every time. Some people may not react the way you want them to.

But you are not responsible for their reaction; you are only responsible for spreading the Word.

Even if the verse doesn’t click with the reader right away, it can certainly start a conversation that can lead to some progress. In fact, the decal doesn’t even have to have words on it. It can be a simple cross that wins someone’s curiosity, and the conversation can stem from that. There are infinite possibilities with Christian decals.

Don’t ever put a limit on what our God can do.

Christian decals are not meant to be a substitution for our day-to-day evangelism. We are still called to talk to people about Jesus and live out our faith.

But decals are an easy, effective way to get the gospel out in the world without even saying a word.

They aren’t a shortcut to fulfilling the Great Commission, but rather a supplement.

No matter what you call them, their messages are powerful, and the results can be mind-blowing.

It has never been easier to share your faith in our fallen world.

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