Beautifully Broken T-Shirt


Beautifully Broken T-Shirt


The shirt is unisex sized and runs a tad small for men, and about a quarter to a half size larger for women. The shirt is soft and comfortable.

Jeremiah had an experience of what it meant to be beautifully broken when God sent him to a potter’s house. There had to be different vessels and ornaments at varying states of creation and the clay with which the potter brought his creative thoughts to life.

As you read through that scripture, you realize that the clay had no will of its own but aligned with the thoughts of its creator.

So, the creator was at liberty to remold any piece that was a poor expression of his art until he got a perfect piece. The clay would have to go through several processes and would have to thrive through them all until it gained the perfection and capacity to function as the potter intended.

This is the explanation of our lives’ journey on earth. We are creatures that have the purpose of showing off the Master’s creativity. So many times, we veer off this calling and end up with adjuncts of all the unnecessary baggage that cause us to be less than we are meant to be.

So, the Potter takes us back to the mold and begins to break off everything that is not like Him. It seems painful at the moment of remodeling and recreation, and we often have to let go of a great chunk of ourselves.

However, when the entire process is over, we get to realize that we have only lost the baggage that clouded the Potter’s beautiful masterpiece. In the Potter’s hands, no clay is unfit or useless, and he can bring beauty and functionality from even the messiest of clay.

And so, no life is useless or beyond redemption with God. He sees a masterpiece in every broken and damaged person and longs to create beauty and value out of your worst nightmares.

When you hand your life over to God, He breaks all of the baggage away and begins to mold you into the person that you ought to be. Only this way do you become a masterpiece that was recreated from a mess.

In God’s hands, you can be beautifully broken and come out whole.


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