Grace Is Greater Than I Deserve T-Shirt


God’s grace is greater than I deserve. Ephesians 2:8 says “for by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God”

  • Grace allows us to receive the gifts we don’t deserve.
  • Grace will qualify us for what we don’t meet all requirements for.
  • Grace clears a path for God to favor you throughout everyday life—paying little heed to your efforts.

This shirt serves as a reminder that we don’t deserve God’s grace but in His mercy, He blesses us beyond measure.

The shirt is unisex sized and runs a tad small for men, and about a quarter to a half size larger for women. The shirt is soft and comfortable.

When God called Jeremiah, He said He knew him before Jeremiah was conceived and born into the world. This implies that God is interested in all facets of our lives and is keenly aware of everything that happens to us.

We are so dear to His heart that He has taken special care to know all about us. He keeps watch over us and has plans to prosper and help us. Even when we are far from perfect and we show our fragility and myopic thinking, God still goes all out for us.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed the rules in the Garden of Eden and lost their position as the garden keepers, they no longer had to roam around the garden and keep watch over all the animals that were there.

However, we see God’s grace in His continued communication with them and their offspring. It was no surprise to Cain that God spoke to him in askance about his brother, and so we understand that communication between God and people was still a norm.

And we see that although Cain did not deserve mercy in his punishment for killing Abel, God pronounced heavier punishment on anyone that would kill Cain.

When I examine my life in comparison with God’s grace, I realize that God has shown me more grace than I deserve.

He did not have to send His son to die for my sins and did not have to bear with my weaknesses, but He does. When I get scared and weary, He has promised to walk with me through terrible and trying times, and when my knees are weak and my joints knuckly, He has promised never to leave or forsake me.

And so, I can boast in the finished work of Jesus and the power of His might, and I can tell others that when I am weak and incapable of helping myself, God works His grace through me.

And when everything seems to be without control, and I am whirling with the strong winds and storms of life, Jesus walks with me and calms the storms of life.

With this in mind, I can confidently say that God’s grace is greater than I deserve, and I am the living expression of grace and mercy.

When my inadequacies shine forth and I seem little and lost, I remember that grace is the unmerited favor that gives me a divine advantage.

This grace stems from God’s unrivaled love for me.


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