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I am a Woman of God®

His Grace Is Sufficient T-Shirt

His Grace Is Sufficient T-Shirt

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The sole purpose of man is to display the beauty of God's glory. However, after the Fall, man lost his ability to keep up with purity and grace and required intervention. This required a new set of rules and intentionality on the part of all the Christians that are willing to be the sons of God.

Now, just as it takes a while for a newly adopted child to adapt to the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of their new home, every believer is prone to experience rocky times as they adapt to their new position as heirs in Christ.

Hence, it is in the place of submission to the Holy Spirit that we experience God's grace. It is folly and pride for one to think that they can run a successful Christian race by the fuel of their strength. We read in 1 Corinthians 12:9 that God makes Paul understand that His Grace is sufficient and made perfect in weakness. This indicates the place of surrender and reliance on God in a believer's life.

Grace is free not because it is cheap but because it is priceless. We see that the devil and his angels made a single mistake of trying to overthrow God and lost their place in His Kingdom forever.

The Scriptures say that the angels are curious about God's love for man, and they keep asking one another, "What is man that God is so mindful of Him, or the son of man that You care for him?"

God's grace is not a function of anything that we have done or what we merit. It is just a function and display of His perfect love towards us. And because God is completely in love with man and sees our vulnerabilities, He has lavished His grace upon everyone willing to receive from Him.

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